DENTEK produces telescopes and attachments that best suits customer’s demands by targeting patients’ comfort.DENTEK, which manufactures all of its crowns and bridges with CAD/CAM manufacturing methods, has succeeded in bringing the quality to the highest level in production of primary telescope and attachment structures as well.

With the recent improvements and investments it made, DENTEK has completed the transition for the secondary structures, and has started to design and produce all secondary structures with telescope and attachments in computer environment.In addition to functional harmony to achieve perfect combined prosthesis, the harmony in terms of form and color between different materials (e.g. composite, porcelain, and acrylic) is one of the indispensable needs. DENTEK has the work force having the necessary experience and discipline to achieve this harmony.

In line with the needs and conditions of the patient, each dentist creates different solutions for different cases even the cases are similar. DENTEK technicians understand these differences and produce the most suitable prosthesis by considering the comfort of patient as well as the effort spend the dentist to adapt the prosthesis. All types of attachments are known by DENTEK technicians and applied with high precision.

Experienced DENTEK technicians combines all prosthesis parts to maximize retention and patient comfort, whether the parts are manufactured by a CAD/CAM or conventional method. To produce a combined prosthesis, experienced DENTEK technicians from different disciplines work in coordination to create perfect fit.